What do you need when entering Curacao? 

  • ED-card
  • temporary work permit



All foreign visitors arriving in Curaçao are required to have a completed ED-card for immigration clearance. At the moment travelers can obtain the ED-card on board of the flights arriving to Curaçao. The Online ED-card can be completed in the comfort of your home before even embarking your flight to Curaçao. By introducing the Online ED-card the amount of time spent in the immigration line will be considerably reduced. The Online ED Card will be in sync with the Automated Border Management System referred to as "eGates".

Please note that you can apply for your online ED-card at least 1 hour prior to departure, and the airport eGates may only be used by those with an EU, US or Canadian passport with chip, who are above the age of 18.

Generally tourists holding a valid passport may enter Curaçao without a written permit and remain with us for a period of up to 90 days. However, several nationalities (e.g. Cuba, Haiti, Peru) must present a tourist visa as part of our entry requirements. A visa should be applied for at least one month in advance at any representation of the Netherlands (in the concerning country). US visitors require a passport to get back into the USA. Nationals from the Dominican Republic, China and India do not need to apply for a visa if they are in possession of a valid multiple entry visa for the United States, Canada or the Schengen countries (Europe).

You can complete your ED card here

Temporary work permit

 People of both Dutch and American nationalities, with a Dutch or American passport can stay and work in Curaçao without a working permit for up to 6 months. For periods longer then 6 months, a declaration of law must be requested at the immigration office.

Other nationalities entering the country can make use of our new At Home in Curaçao program. Visit www.athomeincuracao.com to start your application.