What do you need to know about Curaçao?


Thank you for visiting the CuracaoFilmOffice.com.

The Curacao Film Office was installed in July 2017 and an Association for Film Commissioners International (AFCI) member since November of 2017. We are the first film office for Curaçao so we are starting our services from scratch. This means that we can use common best practice in all our daily activities and are eager to satisfy our customers and open to fine tuning our practices as we grow.

We usually recommend that you hire a local service producer or location service provider who knows the idiosyncrasies of our Island. The Curacao Film Office works with you and/or your local producer as a ‘one-stop shop’ for government film permits, so you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself.

Without the long-term experience of local service producers and the Curaçao Film Office, projects could waste time and money and miss out on insiders’ knowledge. The more information you provide, the better we can assist you with your production needs and budget.

Curaçao is a very multicultural Island where most people speak at least 4 languages. So, it is not only easy to communicate but also convenient for casting. The amount of experienced crew is steady and growing, so you can be sure to hire most of your supporting crew locally.

Curaçao has a modern infrastructure with a well-equipped Airport and state of the art harbor facilities. The roads are paved and we have multiple quality hotels available. Furthermore Curaçao is connected to the ARCOS-1 Fiber Optic Marine Cable through a state of the art Tier-4 Data facility.

We look forward to working with you.

Hire a local expert

We recommend that you contact a local production service and/or location manager to help you scout, coordinate logistics and production services, and help procure crew, equipment, support, etc. Together with your local coordinator the Curaçao Film office can make sure that everything is arranged accordingly so you can shoot as soon as you arrive on the island.

Curaçao has plenty of hidden gems that we can offer you. With a review of the script and an idea of the look and feel you are going for, The Film Office can make suggestions of distinct locations you can find on Curaçao and connect you with the right location scout for your project.


Casting can be handled on an as-needed basis for both principal and extra’s. We have several casting agencies that have an extensive database of performers. Per usual your local production service will hire one of these casting agencies depending on your needs. Within our multi-cultural population, you are sure to find whatever ethnicity you may need. A special casting call can also be arranged for your project.

Props and Art Direction

Curaçao has sufficient experienced, skilled carpenters available and there are different well-stocked mega stores around the Island for all your lumber, paint, furniture, hardware etc. 
There are a few secondhand stores that can be a find for most of the props. Period pieces will usually have to be brought in from abroad. With advance notice though a lot of the props can be built to specs.


There are several experienced stylists available in Curaçao. They find wardrobe pieces at designer shops and boutiques on the island. Curacao also counts plenty of seamstresses and large fabric stores to supply you with custom made wardrobe pieces.

Hair and Make-up

We also have plenty of experienced hair stylists and make-up artists that can deal with all skin colors and types of hair.