Curaçao has one state of the art Airport which is Curaçao International Airport.  For more information about the airport click here

Harbour Facilities

Curaçao has one of the deepest natural harbours in the region. The ports of Curaçao are all natural sheltered ports that offer safe, fast, and reliable handling of ships and cargo. For more information click here


Driving takes place on the right-hand side of the road. At intersections and traffic circles, yield to traffic coming from your right unless signs indicate otherwise. At all T-crossings, through-going traffic has priority. The speed limit is 45 km/hour in town and residential areas, and 60¬-80 km/hour outside the city and on the four-lane Ring Road.

To drive in Curaçao, a valid driver's license is necessary. An international driver's license is not required.