Films have been produced in Curaçao since the 80's. Here you will find a list of the most known features that where shot here. 


5 Di Mei 2013

Producer: Vigilante

Director: Ryan Navarro

Year: 2017

Sensei Redenshon

Producer: Manteka Studios / Provider Films

Director: German Gruber Jr.

Location: Curaçao

Year: 2013

Mi Ta Hasi Mi Kos

Producer: Wilma Ligthart

Director: Wilma Ligthart

Year: 2016

From Dirt

Company: Camrock Filmcompany Curaçao

Producer: Hester Jonkhout

Director: Hester Jonkhout

Location: Curacao

Year: 2017

Double Play

Company: Double Play Production

Producer: Cortes Films

Director: Ernest R. Dickerson

Year: 2015

La Dama Blanca

Director: Guus de Sain

Location: Curaçao

Year: 2021


Producer: Pim de la Parra

Director: Wim Verstappen

Location: Curacao

Year: 1974


Company: Caribbean Filmcom NV

Producer: Michel Drenthe

Director: Sharelly Emanuelson

Location: Curaçao

Year: 2018