Films have been produced in Curaçao since the 80's. Here you will find a list of the most known features that where shot here. 



Producer: Zjèitu Films

Director: Alaric Smeets

Year: 2013

Boys of Summer

Producer: Putty Division / Reno Productions

Director: Keith Aumont

Location: Curaçao

Year: 2010


Company: Caribbean Filmcom NV

Producer: Michel Drenthe

Director: Sharelly Emanuelson

Location: Curaçao

Year: 2018

5 Di Mei 2013

Producer: Vigilante

Director: Ryan Navarro

Year: 2017

A Shtetl In The Caribbean

Producer: Memphis Film & Television

Director: Sherman de Jesus

Year: 2014

Papa's Song

Producer: Luna Blou / St. Aves

Director: Sander Francken

Year: 2000

Waterbirds of Curaçao

Company: Carmabi

Producer: Caribbean Filmcom NV

Director: Eloise van Wickeren

Location: Curaçao

Year: 2017

From Dirt

Company: Camrock Filmcompany Curaçao

Producer: Hester Jonkhout

Director: Hester Jonkhout

Location: Curacao

Year: 2017