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We are currently working on an All Spend Tax Incentive for Film and TV. 


Other Benefits of Shooting in Curaçao

Strategic Location

Curaçao is located below the hurricane belt so the chances of a hurricane hitting our Island are slim to none. 

Steady Climate

We have a very steady semi-dry climate with a constant North-East wind current. Average temperature is 86°F (30°C).

Diverse Locations

We have white sandy Beaches as well as rough rock terrains, Colorful houses and rundown ruins, people of all shapes and colors. Check out our Location Gallery

Colonial History

Our city of Willemstad is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The remnants of our colonial history can be seen in the colorful Dutch architecture in the city. 


Curaçao is a melting pot of many different cultures. You will find a great diversity of people on our Island. 


Most people in Curaçao speak at least 4 languages. Those main 4 languages are Dutch, English, Spanish and the local language of Papiamentu. This means that we can communicate with you in many languages. 


With a Tier-4 Data center that is connected to the ARCOS-1 fiber optic submarine communications cable the possibilities are endless. Visit BLUE NAP AMERICAS for more information. 


Curaçao has a modern infrastructure with a well-equipped Airport and state of the art harbor facilities. The roads are paved and we have multiple quality hotels available.

Political Stability

 Curaçao is an independant country within the Dutch Kingdom of the Netherlands. We have a politically stable climate and the Island is relatively safe. 

Dutch Legal System

Although Curacao has it's own constitutional law, al laws on the island find their basis in Dutch Law.