Political Structure

Curaçao is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands; it was part of the Netherlands Antilles until the dissolution thereof on October 10, 2010. The current government of Curaçao takes place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic country, whereby the prime minister is the head of government. Being an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands means that we use the same Dutch legal structures. 


The local currency in Curaçao is The Netherlands Antillean guilder (also called the florin), abbreviated NAFl. or ANG. It is pegged to the US dollar at a stable rate of US$ 1 = NAFl. 1.77 for cash, 1.78 for traveler's checks. Exchange rates may vary slightly at stores and hotels. 

The U.S. dollar is widely accepted on the Island so it is possible to get by using only American dollars or credit cards. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere on the island.

Euros are accepted at some hotels and restaurants, but unlike U.S. dollars, they do not circulate freely. 

ATM machines can be found all over the island at major population centers and at the airport. Most ATMs offer the option to withdraw in local currency or US dollars.


Curaçao is 61 km (38 miles) long, and ranges from 5 to 14 km wide and has a total area of 444 km2. This is why travel distances in Curaçao are fairly short. The distance from the East side of the Island to the West is 1-hour max. So, in case of travel between locations it is usually less than an hour.


Curaçao is situated 35 miles off the coast of Venezuela, 12o North latitude and 69o West longitude.


Curaçao time (EST) is four hours behind Greenwich Time (GMT).

Local Holidays

Carnival Monday (the Monday after the carnival parade February/March)
27 April: King’s day
1 May: Labor Day
2 July: Flag Day
10 October: Curaçao Day


Curaçao uses both 110 and 220 Volt currents. Standard outlets provide 110-130 Volt at 50Hz. 110 volt plugs are two-pin 'Type A', 220 volt are European plugs. Always check at the location if both currents are available. Electricity in Curaçao is very expensive so we advise you to make an arrangement with your location for tapping into their grid. 

For high capacity filming we advise you to use a generator. Local power supplies can be interrupted due to capacity.