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Ronald and Roger Gibbs
Poinciana Productions N.V
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Kaya Ixora 50

Production - Producer

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Introducing the dynamic duo of Ron and Roger. They may be separated by a few years, but their bond is unbreakable, forged through a lifetime of shared shenanigans. Don’t let their playful attitude fool you; they are dedicated and passionate professionals, known for their work ethic, commitment, and unwavering passion. Always striving to bring their clients’ visions to life through their roles as producers, Ron and Roger infuse every project with creativity and enthusiasm.Hailing from the vibrant island of Curaçao, the brothers' journey has taken them far and wide. As well as establishing themselves firmly in the New York and Miami Film and Photo industry, they have brought campaigns to life on the bustling streets of Paris to the serene landscapes of India. With over two decades of Experience in the North American film and photo industry, Ron and Roger aim to continue growing Curaçao as a leading shoot location in the Caribbean. Not just because of its beauty and culture, but as a location that offers the same high standard of production support and services that can be found in any of the leading creative hubs around the world. With Ron and Roger at the helm, expect top-notch productions infused with creativity, passion, and a touch of their signature humor. It’s not just about delivering exceptional results; it’s about enjoying the journey every step of the way.