Turtle & Ray Productions

Arne Richter
Turtle & Ray Productions
Job title:

Kaya John Menge 3

Drones - Drone Operators
Photography - (Still) Photographer
Production - Producer
Underwater Photography Services - Underwater Videography

Special skills & experience:

We capture the best moments of your DIVE! Your snorkel trip, beach day, underwater proposal and basically anything what requires our high quality cameras and knowhow of 10 years experience. We are THE company for underwater photography and video on Curaçao. But we also like topsite camera work and even up in the air. Possibilities are endless and our team is ready, we are Turtle & Ray Productions! We partner up with 9 of the biggest dive shops of Curaçao, our goal is to show the beautiful underwater world of this amazing island! Come here and you will see it with your own eyes. Also we are here to protect what we have, healthy corals abundance of life. This amazing creatures also depend on us..don't pollute, do not throw garbage (even a tiny piece of plastic) on the streets, it will end up on the ocean. When you go diving, do not touch the animals (corals are also animals!!). Just contact us. Thank you very much! Or how we say here "Masha Danki" =) ????